Thursday, November 20, 2014

Waldorf Alphabet Using the Little House on the Prairie Series - Ff

Today's book is The Long Winter. Chapter entitled October Blizzard, page 37.

In this chapter a blizzard comes. The Fierce snow Flurries outside while the Family huddles under blankets by the Fire and Pa plays his Fiddle.

The Fiddle becomes the big F and the fiddle bow becomes the little f. Accented in the background by a Fire and a Flurry of snow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Waldorf Alphabet Using the Little House on the Prairie Series - Ee

The book is The Long Winter. The chapter called An Errand to Town , page 15.

In this chapter Laura and Carrie run an errand for Pa into town. On their way back from their errand they take a shortcut through the slough grass to get to where Pa is mowing. They become lost in the tall grasses. The big E is the path traced by Pa's mower and the little e is the girls looping path as they Emerge from the grasses finally back from their Errand.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Weekly Rhythm

I revamped our weekly rhythm recently. I included a grain that we are focusing on eating each day. I hope to expand it to also include a daily essential oil to diffuse but I'm still building my oil stockpile.

I have included ideas for empty blocks of time in my schedule such as after church and on Saturday mornings. I'm hoping having ideas on hand will help keep me off of Facebook so much. Ha!

I took my ideas for my empty spaces from Little House On the Prairie, things like sitting on the porch, watching the sun set, and singing.

I'm a big believer in the power of rhythm both for mama and for the kiddos. It keeps my kids feeling calm and it weaves my days together for maximum efficiency.

Waldorf Alphabet Using the Little House on the Prairie Series - Dd

Book: On the Banks of Plum Creek

Chapter: The Door in the Ground, page 1

In this chapter the family begins a new adventure moving into a dug out house in a hill. The door of the dug out becomes our big D and the door handle becomes our little d.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pinecone and Felt Turkeys

Our Family Home Evening project tonight :)

Waldorf Alphabet Using the Little House on the Prairie Series - Cc

From Little Town on the Prairie. The chapter called The Necessary Cat, page 19

In this chapter gophers are eating Pa's new corn crop. The family gets a cat to help eat the gophers. The big C is the half eaten corn crop. The little c becomes the cat guarding the crop.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Flashback! Super Simple, Waldorf, Jesus Doll for Your Nature Table

Originally posted on August 7th, 2010


1 nylon stocking
3 pieces of felt - white, tan and dark brown
Sewing needle and thread
Embroidery floss, brown
wool stuffing

1. Start by cutting out a 4-5 inch section of stocking. You should have a "tube" of stocking.

2. Tie the stocking off in the middle with a bit of string.

3. Stuff one end of the stocking up with wool and tie off the bottom with string. You should now have a "ball" of wool stuffing with nylon around it, tied off at the top and bottom, the top should have 2-2 1/2 inches of nylon tubing sticking out.

4. Tie a piece of light colored string around the middle of your ball.

5. Take the empty tubing at the top of your ball and pull it over your ball as if the ball were a bank robber pulling a mask over his face. Tie the bottom of the nylon "mask" off with string the same way you tied off the ball when you first stuffed it. Now you should have one ball of wool, double coated in nylon stocking.

6. Take the tan piece of felt and cut it in half length wise.

7. Sew the bottom of your ball onto the top corner of the tan felt, roll the felt up like a burrito and sew it shut. You now have a roll of tan felt as a "body" with the sewn on nylon head at the top.

8. Take the white felt and cut into a square roughly double the size of your doll body. Cut a whole in the middle of the white felt and pull it over the doll's head like a poncho. Use a piece of string like a belt and tie off around the middle.

9. Sew eyes onto the middle of the head, tying off the string in the back of the head.

10. Cut out two pieces of dark brown felt. One should be large enough to fit over the dolls head and be shaped like a horseshoe without the middle cut out. Using the brown embroidery floss blanket stitch the round end to the top and sides of your dolls head, folding and stitching as you go to make it fit.

11. Cut a smaller, long oval out of the dark brown felt for a beard. Cut out a mouth whole and blanket stitch it to the face.

You're done!!

You can make anyone a doll really, just use your imagination! I could see a beardless, redheaded version of this doll being a Mary Magdalene or a bald version with pipe cleaner glasses could be Ghandi, add a staff or tablets for Moses, or gray hair and animals friends for Noah.

Enjoy and happy crafting!

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