Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waldorf Playroom Decorating

In this post I gave some ideas about play room decorating for boys. Here I have pictured one area we worked on this week. More posts to follow as we are also creating a "Space" area!

Here is the wall to hang dress ups. How I did it: I took a Mananita branch and sawed off the smaller branches leavings knobs to hang clothes on. I then added some small nails on the branch for additional hooks. I then nailed to whole branch into the wall on the studs.
This is a shot of the general area we "made over."
Here is what the boys call the "Mans area." I like to think of it as the gnome home. It's basically a space to play with figures/models. Everything from Fairies to Star Wars. How I did it: I took a Mazanita branch, sawed it to fit the space and nailed it into the wall on both sides. I hope to add more to this area soon. I'll post about it when I do.

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